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Motivating Aviva to Come Out Active

Aviva Come Out Active - Mr. Motivator Su

Responding to research that 4 in 10 LGBT people feel sport isn't welcoming or inclusive, we created and delivered Aviva's 'Come Out Active' activation, in support of Stonewall's annual Rainbow Laces campaign.  


The activity saw 1990s fitness icon Mr. Motivator surprise Aviva employees with a flash workout session outside their London office! With over 16,000 Aviva employees encouraged to lace up for a wellness class at work, the campaign sent a message loud and clear that inclusion is at the heart of Aviva's working life. 

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Flying the Flag for LGBT+ Inclusion in Sport


Tasked with demonstrating Aviva’s role as a leading brand in support of LGBT+ inclusivity, we teamed up with iconic TV cook and Norwich City owner Delia Smith to release her exclusive “Rainbow Laces Cake” recipe.


Our creative campaign delivered strong standout during Stonewall’s 2018 Rainbow Laces campaign, positioning Aviva and Norwich City as leading voices on the issue.

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