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MatchFit         [mætʃ ˈfɪt] 



The state at which you are able to perform at the best of your ability, typically resulting from a sustained period of training, preparation and dedication.


The MatchFit journey started in a past-agency life in 2014. Quickly, we realised we shared a drive to deliver brilliant work, using sport to help clients tell the messages that matter most to them.


Now, as MatchFit, we offer the experience and execution of a big agency team, with the true hunger and flexibility of a dynamic operation.


It means that when you choose MatchFit, you choose people who value genuine client relationships, and pride themselves in being an extension of your in-house team.


We aren’t bound by expensive office space, so your budget goes where it needs to – time and expertise to meet your brief. Where it's right, we add best-in-class specialists to our brilliant core team to create a set up that is truly MatchFit for your brief. And our ‘virtual agency’ model means our working practices remain unchanged during the COVID-19 age.


We’re MatchFit, and ready to go.

Donald Parish
Founding Partner
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My personal and working life has always been intertwined with the world of sport.


There are the memories that defined my childhood. You’ll have yours. For me it was climbing out of bed to watch the World Cup Semi Final, awe at the majesty of the Barcelona Olympics, disbelief as the Ashes finally came home.


Both playing and watching, my life has been enriched by shared experiences, family bonds, and friendships forged. The true power of sport.  


For more than a decade I’ve had the best job around, helping brands, sponsors and rightsholders use sport to tell remarkable stories. And now, with MatchFit, the job has got better still.

My relationship with sport is not unique, but it is indeed personal. Like many others it is one of joy, excitement, frustration but always a real sense of belonging.


Amid challenging times for the world, regardless of background or beliefs, few things unite us more than a shared love of sport. Yet it is a force for good with so much more to do.


My career has shown me first-hand the power sport has to inspire, educate and entertain, and has truly shaped my life.


Now, with MatchFit, I have the chance to make this happen with some brilliant clients from the world of sport.

Will Mitchell
Founding Partner 
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